Sunday, 21 January 2018

UMBRO GREEN TRACKSUIT | Lounge or gym, i've got you..

Jacket - ASOS | Trousers - ASOS | Vest - Miss Selfridge

I found the perfect set to lounge in at the weekends - i think it was the green colour that attracted it to me at first (anything green or khaki - basically SOLD) i loved how they styled it on the website but wasn't quite sure if i'd manage to pull that off! Teamed it with a little white vest and my hair tied up just for sitting in all day watching the snow and catching up on my fav shows - anyone that hasn't seen 'start up' by the way, HAS to watch it!

This would also be great for chucking on before heading to the gym in the colder weather - i don't go to the gym but i know quite a lot of you have included it in your new years resolutions!


Give thanks,
Much love,
Terri x




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