Monday, 30 September 2013

Balmain S/S'14 ready-to-wear..

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Oh... My...! I have been soooo excited to get these photo's up on my blog, words cannot describe how amazing this collection is! I know i know, i say that nearly every time Balmain show a new collection but this one is by FAR my favourite collection Olivier Rousteing has done after taking over from Christophe Decarnin.

He's still kept a very strong Balmain look but seems to be made the looks a bit more relaxed and sporty. Everything from quilted bomber jackets to leather overalls.. Cue a very excited Terri!

He's also managed to fit in the never ending monochrome trend with pastel colours which is perfect for the summer.

My favourite from the collection was the pastel blue studded shirt with the high waisted quilted trousers... Genius, absolute genius!

These fully covered overalls are gonna be the newest hype to grace the high street, I could put money on it! Some i know may refer to them as boilersuits - Not so ugly now!


What do you guys think?
Terri x


Monday, 23 September 2013


Now, i've been a fan of Sheinside for a while now but never actually bought anything due to the fact it's an American company and worried about any extra costs etc. But then i won Emma from Spin Dizzy Fall's giveaway for a $100 voucher to spend at Sheinside! I placed my order (free worldwide shipping may i add) and couldn't believe how fast the items arrived, it only took about 5 days, which is so much better than most companies in the UK! I've ordered with them since then and have got theee most amazing two piece suit i can't wait to get posted! The clothes are reasonably cheap so the quality of some items aren't the best but most are really good. Overall i have been extremely happy with the service at Sheinside and will definitely order with them again.. Some of the clothes might come across as quite tacky and most might think what the hell is that?! But you have to use your imagination, anything can work if you style it right.

Thanks for reading, anyone else a loyal customer of Sheinside?

Shirt - Sheinside
Skirt - Missguided
Boots - Garage shoes
Bag - Primark
Terri x

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I love this t-shirt from River Island.. It's so versatile with the darker colours, oversized shape and silk front. It caught my eye as soon as i went in the shop, i was actually going in to return something but happened to leave with an exchange instead. I can't seem to find the t-shirt on the site now which is really strange because i did see it the other in the 'new in' section, must be sold out extremely fast. They might get it back in stock though as it was just new in. However, i've linked a similar style below for now.

I decided to dress it up with a bodycon skirt and my barely there heels. I wasn't brave enough to wear it as a dress although i think it is long enough to pass as one. I've got a few more things to put together and get posted i'm just hoping the weather clears up by next week!

Thanks for reading. 

T-shirt - River Island
Bodycon skirt - H&M
Bag - Ebay
Terri x


Monday, 16 September 2013

Monday's most wanted.. #7

I've not done a most wanted post in a while due to the fact i've had a bit of a break from blogging over the past month, but i'm back and will be posting these regularly. Unfortunately it won't be every Monday as they seem to come around so fast and i don't want my blog to be filled with most wanted posts, i'd rather more outfit posts.

1. This dress is from Karma Clothing and is an amazing copy of the ASOS one Nicole Scherzinger wore! She looks so incredible in it I had to order the ASOS one but still waiting on it to arrive, it had been reduced to just £12 but is sold out now. To be honest it doesn't look that attractive here and isn't something that would normally catch my eye but she looks incredible in it.. I most definitely won't look near as good as her but i can dream.

2. Yes, it's finally here. The Rihanna for River Island A/W collection has landed in store and online and it's sooo much better than her S/S collection! Although i'm not a fan of all this "G4LIFE" crap printed all over it. But this yellow baseball like shirt is amazing.. I saw it on a mannequin in the window and pointed it out to my boyfriend, i don't think he thought much of it though.

3. I mentioned this blouse from New Look in my last post and still haven't quite got it out my head. I keep picturing it with my new skirt i bought. I saw it in store and it's much nicer than it looks here, the colour is amazing, can't go wrong.

4. I saw this dress on Motel Rocks i think over a month ago and still love it. The pattern of the leaves are so nice and different. I usually think Motel Rocks is quite pricey but this is only £32 which isn't tooooo bad.

5. I saw this dress on Missguided like over a month ago too and contemplated buying it because i think it's gorgeous! But i don't think the model is wearing a bra and i know loooads of people who don't wear them but i think i'd feel really uncomfortable going out without a bra? And unfortunately i think this is a dress that needs to be worn without one.

Thanks for reading, hope everyone has survived Monday :)
Terri x


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

asymmetric leather..

 Sorry about the blurry photo in the middle.. I never realise until i upload them to the laptop. Nevermind, the view and background looks soooo much better doesn't it? :)

I got this asymmetric skirt from Missguided a few weeks ago and LOVE it. I wasn't sure what i was going to pair it with but i've got 2 outfits to get posted wearing this skirt. These zip leather skirts have been very popular for the past few months, i'm sure you've seen them kicking about if you regularly browse the American stores too. They've only recently come over here and i'm yet to see any better than the Missguided ones.

The top i bought from Boohoo and love the colour. I seem to be fascinated by orange just now but this top is a lot brighter than shown in the photo's. I think the orange one is now out of stock but i've linked the black, wine and red one below.

Thanks for reading :)

Fedora - Ebay (I put an offer of £14)
Top - Boohoo
Skirt - Missguided
Shoes - Rihanna for River Island
Terri x


Saturday, 7 September 2013

kimono love..

So.. It's been too long since i last did a blog post and to be honest i'm so excited to be back on it again because i've got quite a lot of new items to put together and get posted.

I've moved back south again to start studying and this is what i like to do in my spare time so basically expect to see more regular updates again.

I got this kimono about a month ago and was itching to get it on the blog sooner but now is better than never i suppose! Kimonos have been all the rage this summer and quite rightly so.. They're the perfect light fashion statement to be thrown on over a cami and adds a bit of fun to the outfit. They're also a great cover up for anyone conscious of their arms or shoulders. They have so many different shapes, colours and patterns to choose from so if you're not a fan of the colourful flowers then i have seen black lace ones in New Look and Missguided. I liked this one cause the colours are amazing!

Thanks for reading guys, please check back for more updates soon :)

Kimono - Ebay
Neon cami - Primark
White vest - Primark
Shorts - River Island
Shoes - Ebay
Terri x

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